Privacy statement

This survey is designed to collect accurate information about the current and potential economic value of agriculture in the Noosa Shire Council local government area, to provide a basis for supporting further development of farming and food production in Noosa Shire and to assist in furthering those aims in the region.

We are committed to protecting the privacy, confidentiality and security of the responders to the survey.

The information provided in the survey will be collated by a researcher and the research outcome will include a list which will set out

● Name of producer

● Location

● Product

● Volume of production

● Area of land occupied

● Value of production in AUD$ (banded into range)

● Number of employees broken into full time employees and part time employees.

● Current market distribution

● Potential Agricultural Land Use Area.

The research outcomes will be distributed to only the Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation Board and the Noosa Council to assist next stage discussions about potential and viability for the Noosa and Region Agri-Hub concept.

We ask that you answer all of the questions in the survey frankly. We recognise that there may be some sensitivity around providing some of the data requested. Any financial data will only be further distributed in an anonymised and aggregated form, dissociating respondents and the data they provided. Any public disclosure of the information will be aggregated and completely anonymised. Your individual private details will not be distributed or publicly disclosed.

The survey provider has data security protection to maximise the prevention of unauthorised use and access to the information collected but we cannot guarantee against this.

We will not provide a mailing list of survey participants to any third party.

We may contact you after we receive your response to follow up on information provided for the purpose of the survey. Please ensure that you are satisfied that the person who contacts you is authorised to do so by NBRF before you provide any personal information. We will not ask for bank account details or security codes in this follow up contact.